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Shop Local This Weekend!

Did you know that in addition to Black Friday, this weekend also includes Small Business Saturday! ULAH is proud to include over a dozen local collaborations in their products and services. Whether it’s a gift for a man in your life, or you just want to treat yourself — you’ll feel good knowing that the dollars you spend at ULAH are also supporting local makers and artists.




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ULAH – A Legendary Tale Discovered

When Joey and I were doing research on the name ULAH before making a final decision, we discovered something really unexpected — an old legendary tale about a Native American named Ulah.  “ULAH: An Indian Legend Versified” was published in 1861 and written by Amanda T. Jones. Written entirely in prose, over 70 pages unfold the love story of Ulah and Oconee.


Oconee’s father was killed by a member of Ulah’s tribe, and she was forbidden to be with him. So they did what any young couple who is forbidden to see each other would do — they eloped and ran for the hills! But like Romeo and Juliet, The Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge, or any great tragic love story — they would rather die in love than live apart.

Thanks to Google, I was able to download the entire book that had been scanned, including the amazing old cover.  I converted it into a digital flip book for the romantic — or really, really bored — to read or skim through. We thought we’d revive the legend a bit by naming the bison taxidermy you’ll find hanging near the entrance of ULAH — “Oconee”.

Ulah and Oconee — reunited in our new men’s apparel and lifestyle store.

Check out the story here:

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ULAH Announces Grand Opening – October 20th

The wait is almost over! ULAH — a new men’s apparel and lifestyle store concept by Joey Mendez and Buck Wimberly — is wrapping up the final weeks of construction and will be officially open to the public on October 20th, 2016. Come check out their curated collection of local, emerging, and mainstream brands. Their assortment for men includes apparel — ranging from active wear to suit separates — mixed with accessories, gifts, cards, and masculine home accents.

Can’t wait until then to see what’s inside? Peek into what ULAH is offering for Fall and Winter of 2016 in their first seasonal Lookbook:

FW2016 Lookbook


ULAH Grand Opening Announcement


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How Ulah Got Its Name

When people hear about our new men’s apparel and lifestyle store, usually the first two questions are:

  1. How do you pronounce it?
  2. How did you come up with that name?

So, we thought we’d do a post about it and tell the story:

First, “ULAH” is pronounced “you-luh”, with a long “U”.

How’d we come up with the name? When we first started dreaming about our store concept, we came up with a dozen different names — trying everything from combining our names together, to names that represented something in the fashion industry. Our top choice was connected to denim construction terminology.

The problem we had with that name was that our dream was bigger than denim – and even bigger than an apparel store. We needed something that was more abstract and could transcend categories — so we put it on the back burner for a bit.

While on a quick trip to Denver, we were heading to brunch with a friend of ours one morning. We just happened to quickly drive by a store in the uptown area that had a colorful sign on the store front. It had a long name that I didn’t have time to digest, but for some reason the last four letters of the name caught my attention: U-L-A-H. We later discovered through our Denver friend that the store was called Talulah Jones, a quirky and sophisticated gift store.

“Ulah”… I kept saying it to myself as we continued down the road to our brunch destination. I couldn’t explain it, but it was really resonating. It sounded like a hip and trendy rustic destination that people would want to go to. Maybe that’s why I liked it so much? Our vision for the store and our brand, in fact, was to be trend forward while having a rustic and nostalgic essence to it. The more Joey and I talked about it, the more we liked it — so I started designing the logo.



Not long after, I was on a trip visiting my family in Texas. As I was showing my parents our store concept, my mom quickly chimed in, “do you remember where your grandmother was born, and where your great granddad lived?” “No”, I answered. “Eula, Texas!” she exclaimed. Although the spelling was different, I couldn’t help but believe that somewhere in my sub-conscious, the name “Ulah” was resonating with the almost forgotten memories of that small dusty town I used to visit when I was little. I looked down at my hand where I was wearing my great granddad’s giant hand-crafted turquoise ring that my grandmother gave me years ago — remembering his rustic house with stone walls, full of taxidermy and native American décor — and it just felt meant to be.

Welcome to Ulah!

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New Men’s Apparel & Lifestyle Store in Kansas City


Joey Mendez and Buck Wimberly are announcing their new business venture, a men’s apparel and lifestyle store they’ve named ULAH (pronounced yew-luh). Their store will be located at the brand new Woodside Village, a live-work-play community that is currently under construction.

Buck and Joey knew from the start that they shared a life-long passion for men’s style, but it was more recently they realized that their professional experiences could be a powerfully complimentary combination that could allow them to pursue their mutual dream. Joey was previously a buyer at Halls, and has been in the men’s apparel retail industry for over 15 years. Buck had been at Hallmark for 11 years before leaving his role as a brand strategist to help his brother rebrand his Texas company — Modern Home Renovation — as their Vice President of Brand & Marketing. Joey and Buck both attribute their current momentum to their past professional experiences.

“Leaving my 11 year career at Hallmark was one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever made. I was in a role that I really loved, with a creative and business community that was a significant part of who I had become, both personally and professionally. When my brother, Mike, asked me to join him in helping rebrand and position his business for growth, I just had this gut feeling that taking that leap would teach me things I needed to know to achieve some big picture goals I held. I ended up gaining the missing experiences I needed in order to pursue this project with Joey.” -Buck Wimberly

“I can’t help but look back and acknowledge all of the great people and experiences that have influenced who I am today. I feel like all of my various retail roles — from sales to managing and buying — have led me to this dream project we’ve decided to pursue. I’m normally not one to take risks, but this happened so organically and the timing just felt so right that I knew it was time.” – Joey Mendez

Joey and Buck created ULAH to serve today’s fashion forward and multi-dimensional man 
who is both rustic and modern,
 balancing a life that is both casual and professional, 
and whose experiences are both small-town and cosmopolitan. Their thoughtfully curated collection of products will range from accessible to aspirational and local to mainstream — serving the many dimensions of a man’s life with apparel, accessories, essentials, gifts, and masculine home decor.

ULAH is a men’s apparel and lifestyle store that makes high style and good design more accessible and relevant to more parts of a man’s every day life. ULAH helps men DRESS FOR LIFE.

ULAH is working with Hufft Projects to design and build out their space. Together, they are hoping to create a distinct retail environment and experience for men in Kansas City. The current construction and build out schedule has them positioned to open in early Fall of 2016.

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